Early Intervention Ages 0-3

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"Children under the age of three show remarkable ability to respond to intervention before maladaptive speech becomes habituated. Early intervention helps minimize the cyclical catch-up game that impacts many children in their social development." -Kathleen Holman, M.A., CCC-SLP

Some of our clients under the age of three are able to have their therapy funded through the State of Illinois' Early Intervention (EI) program. In order to receive this support, you must first contact the EI Program directly to have your child evaluated. If your child qualifies for EI services, sessions with Chicago Pediatric Therapy will be fully-covered. Note: there is a sliding family fee for enrollement in the Early Intervention Program based on household income.

Below, please find highlighted communication skills of many children between the ages of 18 and 30 months. If you feel that your toddler's communication skills are delayed, consider contacting the EI program to have your child's speech evaluated.

Language Milestones 18-24 Months

Language Milestones 24-30 Months

Phonological Speech Processes in Toddlers

Holman Therapy Speech Therapy Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a family-centered, play-based approach to promote child development. Early speech therapy helps less-verbal children establish a means of communication during the formative years of language development. It also correlates with increased phonological awareness, literacy skills, and productivity as children age. 

After your child turns three years old, she will "age out" of this program and no longer be elligible for Early Intervention services. At this time, you may elect to have your local school district re-evaluate your child to see if she qualifies for therapy at the public school. While this is sometimes a challenging transition for parents, your early intervention provider will work as part of a transition team to help your child prepare for the change. Chicago Pediatric Therapy, Inc. also offers the option of continuing home-based therapy privately, after your child turns three. Many of our private clients first came to us through the Early Intervention program.

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